CulTuRal ReLeVanCy

FasHion is moRe thaN jusT a FeeLing that You WakE up wiTh in The Morning.  FasHioN coRRelaTes with cULtUre jusT as mucH, if noT moRe, as WheTher Or noT to WeaR a RaiNcoat coRRelatEs to wHeTher Or noT it’s RaiNiNg.  Get it…WHETHER or not?  Bad joke.  ANyWay, the PoiNt is, thiS guY looks iNcrEdibly Fly in ThiS jacKet, but I doubT, thaT if i woRe it hErE in thE staTes, i wouLd lOOk thE saMe.  Hmmm… dEfiNitElY a gOOd coNverSaTion.  WhAt do yoU thiNk?

The Sartorialist.


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