Creekmore’s Lab Vol.2

Part two of my visit to Nate Creekmore’s pad.

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Creekmore’s Lab!

I recently paid a visit to my close friend Nate Creekmore’s lab. Nate Creemore, who has a link in my Inspirational links to the right, was the writer & artist behind the nationally syndicated strip Maintaining. Anyway, he was gracious enough to give me a sneak peek of some of the things he is working on. 3 things, out of the many, that he is brewing is a series of comics. Nate is a cartoonist so this makes these all the more dope! One story, is “The Story of Humphries,” This story is about a character who experiences amazing journeys, but somehow always ends up back in the same place. Another is a story entitled “My 2 Cents,” which is a story about an encounter with a bum during the holidays and finally a story called, “Green Eyes, Dark Hair & Sensible Shoes.” Which is a story about a characters various failed attempts at escaping from prison which are actually all metaphors for love stories in his life. Incredible stuff! Can’t wait until it is all finished.

-Joe P-

Vodpod videos no longer available.