Spider-Man is…DYING!?!?




There is only one other event that comes to mind when I view this Kanyeish Design, and that is The Death of Superman!  The only other time that I can remember being SHOCKED at the cover & title which I was holding.  It took me years to recover, but now this!  Wow.  My 2 favorite heroes are Superman & the Webslinger…the best of both worlds in my humble opinion.  Well, with Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Miller writing this story, I must say it is in veteran hands.  Scheduled to be kicked off in February…and now…we wait.

RAW VIDEO: R Kelly Tyrese Leon Timbo Acoustic Jam on Transformers 3 Set

R.Kelly stopped by the Transformers 3 set in Chicago for a late night jam session with Leon Timbo and Tyrese Gibson. I take 2 things from this vid. 1. When you stay steadfast in your gift God will honor it. Some of you may not or are just now learning who Leon Timbo is, mostly because of his recent affiliation with Tyrese, but I have been following this brotha since high school. He’s a strong christian. His life is now taking him in some pretty major directions. 2. True passion calls out true passion. R.Kelly is ridiculous! Imagine if that brotha ever got his head on str8!?

Vodpod videos no longer available.