DC Comics’ Free Comic Book Day!



I’m excited for May 7th this year!  1. C’mon, no brainer…free comic books *smh* 2. Preview of FlashPoint!  A lot of teasers have been dropped via Twitter about this event & hopefully this’ll shed a bigger light on what’s coming.  If Geoff Johns is on the bill, you can expect a solid story.

Thor and Cap Super Bowl Bound!



You may be excited about the Superbowl because you Love football, but me…not so much LoL.  My Titans aren’t going to miraculously appear, but 2 of my favorite Heroes are!  A new trailer for both upcoming movies will air during the Superbowl!  If you don’t know anything or much about the history of Thor & Captain America…well…then you better ask somebody!  Hahaha!  Can’t wait.