Wait, Wait, Wait….You’re Telling Me…Venom’s A Hero!?

Looks like Marvel just keeps rolling out the surprises.  But this one, I’m not so sure I like.  To me, some Villains are meant to always be villains, but then again, anyone can change….who am I kidding, Eddie Brock can’t change…let alone Venom!?!?  Then again, change does take place from the inside out.  Which is why Venom has a NEW host!  Can you guess which one of Peter Parker’s famous high school bullies, that use to date Mary Jane, enlisted in the army and came home crippled that it could be!?  You guessed it…FLASH!!!  That’s right, Flash Thompson is the new Venom!  And I must admit, even if I don’t trust him, HIS SUIT IS BAD A$$!  And the concept for this storyline is handled well by Rick Remender and illustrated well by Tony Moore.  I’m excited to check this out in March!  For more info you can follow the jump.

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