Wolverine 2!

Good news keeps coming!  I’m a fan of characters being portrayed by the same actors.  It adds a greater sense of Loyalty from the fans & invokes a realer universe to engage in.  Like take for instance Superman.  They continue to change the actor making it harder to fall in Love with the character.  Christopher Reed IS Superman to many, because of his 5 movie run!  Anyway, let me get off my soap box.  Hugh Jackman has solidified that he will be playing Logan in the next Wolverine installment, which is said to be a movie that can stand alone rather than a sequel.  Personally, I don’t think this would be as exciting if Hugh hadn’t played Wolvy in the pre-Marvel installments.  I mean, Green Lantern isn’t Deadpool!!!  Sorry, I’m on it again.  Anyway, can’t wait for this one!

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