MORE X-Men from the X-Men Anime Series



New Character Designs, Screen Shots and Etc. from Animax!  Go SEE for yourself!  Hmmm, I’m inspired.  I think I’ll do some sketching tonight.


O’ Charlie seems to be infected every aspect of Society.  Man, they are milking this for all it’s worth.  *SMH*  For more info follow the JUMP.  I’m done.

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

Well…well…well…what do we have here?  It appears to be…SPRING!  Spring is fast approaching!  Which means Summer isn’t far behind.  Did you catch that?  I speak of the two as different Seasons separately because…they are.  Spring weather, especially in Nashville, is up then down, wet then dry.  So that’s why I refer to it as Jacket Season!  It’s a time when you really get a chance to flaunt your fliest Jackets!  It’s to cold for a T-shirt, but to hot for a coat.  Enter stage left, the Jacket.  One style of Jacket that every man should own is a Leather Jacket.  There are countless Styles, so your Personal Style must come into play.  But you can’t go wrong with a leather Jacket.  There are various ways to Rock it so you can mix it up.  KEYS: You want your Jacket to fit your body.  Tailored.  Not over-sized.  This is NOT a Good Look!  Also, this is one of those key pieces where you HAVE to splurge!  I didn’t say Pleather…I said Leather. LoL Although it wouldn’t hurt to check the Vintage stores to see if you can sneak up on a steal.  Either way, just make sure it’s Authentic 😉