JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

As with any Art Form, you must know the History of it, in order to produce it.  Fashion is a result of a long lineage of Pioneers.  Those who have picked up the Mantles of the ones who came before.  Those who’ve pushed the envelope without fear of what is “Acceptable.”  So for today’s Style Tip let’s take a little trip.  A trip into the Past…or…Back to the Future, if you will.  If you’re ready, CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE 😉

How Would You Fair As Odin’s Son?

NEW to the Official Thor Movie Website, is a nice online Flash game called THOR: HAMMER OF THE GODS!  It’s Neat because it isn’t at all Complicated (Ladies, you can play too 😉 and it ties into Facebook so you can compete with your Friends.  Go ahead, give it a Throw!