JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

My Daddy taught me…he said, “Son…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!”  Well, the same applies to today’s Tip & Style!  I have one last bone to pick with V-Necks.  The most Dangerous & Treacherous V of all…the “DEEP V!!!”  Unlike the Regular V, the Deep V isn’t meant for everyone.  Mainly guys with muscle.  You see part of Fashion is the Garment’s ability to Accentuate a persons Features.  The Deep V was created for the Hipster.  Generally, Hipsters are Gangly Fellows with bad Posture (Sorry Hipster friends…but it’s True).  The Deep V Accentuates the chest i.e. Pectoral Muscles.  So if you already have a big chest, then the DV makes you look like you’re trying to show CLEAVAGE!!!  And this is NO GOOD for a Man.  LoL  On the other hand, if you’re Skinny, then it gives the Appearance that God Blessed you with a little more than he did.  KEY: Nice Build=Regular V….Skinny Build=Deep V….Any questions? 😉

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