Alex Ross Remixes Action Comics #1 Cover!

Star Artist Alex Ross, who did theKingdom Come series, which is one of my ALL time Favorites, did a Variant Cover as a part of the new Super Man Defies God:  Action Comics #900 Campaign.  I personally am not a fan of the title, but the Story is interesting nonetheless.  Any bill that Writer Geoff Johns is on is going to be worth the read, if for no other reason than Good writing.  The Variant is a Variant of Action Comics #1 (Below).  The $6, 96 page comic hits stores Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Alex Ross Remixes Action Comics #1 Cover!

  1. Johns is writing it in it’s entirety? Oh, and when is Straczynski going to stop writing Superman? I really don’t like it. I can see him writing Teen Titans though, or Doom Patrol or maybe a Green Lantern book.


    1. Not it’s entirety, but for the most part, Johns does it for me. Believe it or not, I don’t read a lot of Superman comics, but from the few I’ve copped, I felt he did a Good job. New Krypton was Massive to me.


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