Super Man NOT SO Super Anymore?

If you Truly Understand what Superman Represents (I didn’t place myself in his costume for Kicks ;)) then you can’t help but Wonder what DC’s Motivation for this Portrayal of His character is?  But anyway, that’s just me being Conspircorial…is that a Word?  Anyway, can’t wait for #NewComicWednesday tomorrow!  If you Follow Me on Twitter then you Know what it is.

SUPRA SKYTOP III Launch Event in London!

Friday night Supra launched it’s third installment of the Skytop series!  They did it in Style too!  Using London’s West End Museum, House of St. Barnabas.  I Love Supras, but I Love ART more and this whole Shindig was just that!  Below are a few photos, consisting of, quite Frankly, women I think are Beautiful…and a Cat whose Fro should be in the Fro Hall of Fame LoL, but if you want more, head over to the Supra Blog for the official Post.