DC’s #NEW52!!!

Today is FINALLY Here!  DC Comics Releases its “NEW 52” on the WORLD!  Turns out, they Released 2 different Copies.  The Orange is the Regular Ish & the Blue is the “Combo-Pack.”  It includes a Digital Copy as well.  Claro Que Si (Of Course) I WON’T be opening that one.  Nope.  That one’s for the Kids.  I have yet to Dive into these Time Capsule Treasures, but I’ll let you Know Via Twitter what I think.  SO STOKED!  LoL

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: I Roll Up!

How can you show off those Designer Socks if your Pants are in the way!?  Roll em’ up Fellas!  The Cuff is In!  The Roll doesn’t work with Baggy Jeans, so if you want to be Fashion Forward you gotta get with the Program.  Slimmer fit.  More Tailored.  You can Replicate a Garment, but you can’t Replicate YOU!  Show off that Physique.  Don’t have one?  A “Y” membership is less than Gas these days.  LoL  SECRET: Heavier Fabrics are In as well this Season.  Subtle Details like a Roll here or a Tuck there, really Give the Outfit some Edge.  With the Fabric being Heavier, it’s easier to do little things like that 😉

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: Buy A Camel


First off, let me Apologize for the Yellow Tone of the above Camel Coat.  I Accidentally grabbed the wrong Color Pencil.  LoL  Now, for the Business at hand; the Camel Coat is making a Triumphant return this Season!  It shed a couple of pounds.  As Jim Moore (GQ) Likes to call it, “Camel Light.”  Meaning, it is now Slimmer, more Tailored & Shorter.  It’s not your Daddy’s Camel.  You don’t have to have on a 3 Piece Suit to Rock the Camel.  Throw it on over whatever!  Think of it as a Pea Coat.  KEY: The Fit!  Shop places like Banana Republic, Express, Burberry, etc.  Make no mistake.  It’s an Investment.  Don’t go Cheap.  It may cost you a grip now, but it will pay for itself over the years.  You’ll be able to give it to your son 😉