JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: I Roll Up!

How can you show off those Designer Socks if your Pants are in the way!?  Roll em’ up Fellas!  The Cuff is In!  The Roll doesn’t work with Baggy Jeans, so if you want to be Fashion Forward you gotta get with the Program.  Slimmer fit.  More Tailored.  You can Replicate a Garment, but you can’t Replicate YOU!  Show off that Physique.  Don’t have one?  A “Y” membership is less than Gas these days.  LoL  SECRET: Heavier Fabrics are In as well this Season.  Subtle Details like a Roll here or a Tuck there, really Give the Outfit some Edge.  With the Fabric being Heavier, it’s easier to do little things like that 😉

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