Well Gobble Gobble to all you JIVE TURKEYS out there!  LoL  It’s one of my Favorite Holidays!  Thanksgiving!  I Love Food!  So Naturally, Thanksgiving holds a very dear place in my Heart.  Now, for the business at hand, FASHION!  Just as there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making Delicious Turkey, likewise there is no need to reinvent it when it comes to Choosing what to Wear on this Glorious Occasion.  Thanksgiving is a Classic Holiday so keep your Style Classic.  Remember, it’s more important to Dress for the Occasion than to try & set yourself apart.  A simple Sweater & Tie (if it’s Cool) or Shirt & Tie (if it’s Warm) will do the Trick.    A Tie adds the Formality to the Occasion as well as the Vest, but neither is too Overstated.  You can throw on some Jeans or Chinos to pull it down if eating at a House or some Slacks to Raise it up if going out.  Your Choice of shoes (sneakers, boots or dress shoes) will determine the Direction.  A Jacket or Blazer also allow you to Mix it up a bit.  All & All, You look Great and the Focus isn’t on you, it’s on the Family, where it belongs 😉

NEW BKC “Charlie Brown” Varsity Jacket & SUPRA “Planet Earth” Swags Make a Gr8 Team!

It’s a Match made in Heaven!  Varsity Jackets are “IN!”  And so are Fresh Sneakers!  A man’s Anchor, to ANY Outfit, are his shoes, but if his shoes are the Beginning, then his Jacket is The End!  It’s the “Happily Ever After!”  When the 2 can Successfully Unite in some way, you have yourself a Successful Outfit.  The Jacket was Created by The Brooklyn Circus & the Fresh Swags were Created by SUPRA.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: THERMOstat

Look, even Batman wears Under Armor.  It’s just a Wise thing to do.  Part of the Foundation that we talked about Yesterday, is the Layer before the Layers, Know what I mean?  Buy yourself a nice set of Thermals.  This way, you’ll be Insulated from the Cold & you have more Freedom with your Outfit because you don’t have to Worry so much about if you’ll be Warm enough.  SECRET: Buy it in Black, so that you can Wear it underneath anything & don’t buy Long Johns.  This will give you more Flexibility with your Outfits by having the Choice between Top & Bottom 😉

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: ReBOOT

It’s time to let it go.  I Know it’s Hard, but nothing Worth having is ever Easy.  So go on…say Goodbye to Summer and HELLO to FALL!  And with the coming of Fall comes the REBOOT of the JPSKILLZ Style Tips!  What?  You thought I’d leave you to Discover your Style on your own?  Well, a Man needs certain Necessities for the Cold, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the Basics.  As with any Good Structure, you must 1st have a Good Foundation.  After all, the 1st thing a Woman Looks at, is your Feet.  So Cover those bad boys with some “Fresh Swags (shoes for those who are new to this blog).”  It’s time for Boots!  I Love the Aesthetic of well Designed Boots and the way that they completely Flip your Look!  You can Rock Boots with some Jeans & a T-Shirt & your Outfit will take on a totally different look than if you threw on some Sneakers.  Go ahead, try it!  First, you’ll need some Boots.  There are many to Choose from, so I’ll let you be the Judge of that, however I can’t leave the Versatility to Chance.  Start with a Nice Brown Boot.  A Choc not Rust.  Timberlands are a Great start if you don’t Own a pair.  Can’t go wrong with the Basics.  With your new Boots you’ll be Ready for those Big Events & the coming Snow!  Not only will you be Fashionable, but you’ll be Functional and Functionality is Key when it comes to Fashion.  SECRET: Brown is a Natural Tone that looks Great with just about ANYTHING and Brown is IN this Fall/Winter 😉