Well Gobble Gobble to all you JIVE TURKEYS out there!  LoL  It’s one of my Favorite Holidays!  Thanksgiving!  I Love Food!  So Naturally, Thanksgiving holds a very dear place in my Heart.  Now, for the business at hand, FASHION!  Just as there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making Delicious Turkey, likewise there is no need to reinvent it when it comes to Choosing what to Wear on this Glorious Occasion.  Thanksgiving is a Classic Holiday so keep your Style Classic.  Remember, it’s more important to Dress for the Occasion than to try & set yourself apart.  A simple Sweater & Tie (if it’s Cool) or Shirt & Tie (if it’s Warm) will do the Trick.    A Tie adds the Formality to the Occasion as well as the Vest, but neither is too Overstated.  You can throw on some Jeans or Chinos to pull it down if eating at a House or some Slacks to Raise it up if going out.  Your Choice of shoes (sneakers, boots or dress shoes) will determine the Direction.  A Jacket or Blazer also allow you to Mix it up a bit.  All & All, You look Great and the Focus isn’t on you, it’s on the Family, where it belongs 😉

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