Rob Liefeld Takes Over GRIFTER!!!

Grifter 9

DC Comic’s “NEW 52” has been nothing short of AMAZING!  You’d be hard pressed to find a Title that you don’t like.  One of the Titles I’ve been reading is Grifter!  Formally an Image Comics character spawned by my FAVORITE artist Jim Lee, Grifter has been reborn through the “NEW 52!”  The series has been solid, but to me, it was fizzling out.  I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to read, but today’s news has locked me in for at least another 8 issues!  That’s the Star Power of a great Writer!  Mr. Liefeld!  Liefeld created Cable, Deadpool and has recently done great work on “Hawk & Dove” and “The Infinite.”  With his ability to Super Charge any series, I know that Grifter is about to join the ranks of his Super Makeovers!  For more, check out what USA Today had to say!

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