NEW Armor Hoodie SWEEPS the NET!

Chadwick Dillon of SOF Works created this hoodie for Cosplay, but when eyes caught wind of its Superness, Economics took effect!  In fact, the hoodie is in such high demand, that Chadwick had to abandon the web in order to try and figure out how he is going to supply it!  Wow!  I must admit, I want one.  For more check out Mary Sue‘s site!


So it’s been announced that a 4 Foot Helicarrier will be available at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) from Hasbro!!!  Pretty cool, although the size will reek HAVOC on those traveling.  It’s suppose to include Maria Hill and Captain America figures and it’s suppose to go for about $130.  My only complaint is the size of the figures in comparison to the Helicarrier?  I mean, they’re suppose to fit inside it and freakin’ jets are suppose to be parked on it’s surface…so why are the figures so huge!?