Move Over Jay-Z & Beyonce!!!

DC Comics‘ “NEW 52” just keeps getting better and better!  Yesterday (#NewComicWed) Justice League #12 was released!  Written by Geoff Johns & Penciled by my ALL TIME FAVORITE Jim Lee!  It was a Historic issue, of which I bought 2 (one for Preservation & one for the road) because this is the first time Superman has a NEW Love Interest!  This moment does not sit well with some, but as for me & my house…I think it’s LONG over due.  I can remember as a child thinking, “Why aren’t Superman & Wonder Woman a Couple?”  I mean Lois is cool, but she’s too much Drama.  I’ve always Identified with Superman & his Relationship with Lois, because it’s how I feel when trying to find Compatibility with women.  A Wonder Woman is Rare.  But THIS…THIS is the Ultimate “Power Couple!”