JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


So here we are again!  It’s exciting to be… “Back in the saddle,” so to speak or in my case bike seat.  LoL Any who, today I will be headed back into the city to do some live sketching amongst the good people of Nashville and I also have a date with a new bicycle club, Greenfleet, which has a leisurely group ride every Wednesday at 6 O’Clock!  So I need to rock something COOL (pun intended), PRESENTABLE, and you guessed it, FUNCTIONAL!


Alright fellas’, pop quiz!  Where do we START!?  That’s right!  The shoes!  Decided to go with my classic Cole Haan Air Estadio Straps!  These are what turned me on to comfort & function in the first place!  Heck, I don’t think it was truly possible until these babies dropped?  Now I have 4 pairs & next to my Lunargrands these are definitely the most comfortable!  Who knew that they would make such an awesome bike riding shoe as well?  Once again they’re perforated so this helps me stay cool and I ditched the socks.  As for the Style… well, you see them.  $150


Rockin’ my Banana Republic shorts today!  Love these because of how tailored they are and stylish!  You can rock these from work to casual without missing a beat which is what function is all about.  Especially with the turn that Men’s fashion is taking.  It’s all about Athletic Chic so to speak.  It’s rare that you can find a pair of cargo shorts that don’t make you look like you just got home from serving our country.  These do the trick!  But it’s not about the brand it’s about the fit.  So fellas’ if you’re buying shorts don’t go for anything below the knees, nothing beyond an inch of your waist size, nothing that has more space than is, ahem, needed… and DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY, NO BLUE JEANS!!!  You know who you are (Nate Creekmore).  LoL Sorry, but what are friends if you can’t take jabs at them every now and again!?  And yes they are dirty.  I wear them A LOT!  Got em’ on sale.  $20


Don’t throw those old tees away fellas’.  Instead get your Ralph Lauren on and cut those bad boys up!  I just removed the sleeves from a bunch of tees which were a size to big for my taste now and VOILA!  Looks like I did it on purpose!  Obviously they breathe well and they look stylish because they once were just regular casual tees that I rocked when going out.  It seems like I’m suddenly giving fitness tips as well, but most guys do have nice arms, no matter how big their gut has become, and women like arms.  They’re always poking and squeezing at them for a reason.  I think it’s like pinching a butt to them, but as with many other things, they get to get away with it.  LoL  Hit the push ups guys.  And then sale tickets to the gun show!  😉 $FREE .99


And last but not least, fellas’?  “EXCESSorize!  Had to go with my black Kenneth Cole watch!  First touch screen ever done for Kenneth at least.  This bad boy can dress you up or down just depends on what you want to do.  Here’s the secret, don’t freaking wear a watch that is 2 or 3 links to big!!!  WHY!?  “Linda, Linda, LISTEN!”  You can get the links adjusted at any watch stand!  I use Dakota most often, but anywhere should do.  That looks so tacky & cheap.  I told you it’s not about expense it’s about fit.  Watches are man’s best friend despite popular belief… ah who am I kidding!?  I LOVE dogs!  But definitely a close second!  This bad boy is waterproof of course so all the sweating from riding is inconsequential!  There goes that function again!  $150


Well, I guess we’re ready to roll!  Check back daily morning, noon, or night!  This blog is always open!  LoL  Don’t forget #BikeSelfieNashville which you can check out on IG & #JPSKILLZStyleTip when referring to this blog!  Let’s RIDE!

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