JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day: 4th of July Edition!


Well a laundry mat (parent’s house), a free meal, and a pair of clean BR’ shorts later and here we are again!  But this time it’s different!  This time… IT’S THE 4th of JULY!!!  * Que the fireworks * Today I’m going into the heart of the city, where there “ain’t no love”…. huh, huh, anybody?  Of course not and where there will be the best fireworks display in the country second only to New York City– “NEW YORK CITY!?”  Yes New York City.  I’m also going to stop by the Frist which is giving free admission to those who wear red, white, & you guessed it, blue.  So as always I need to be CPF’ (Cool, Presentable, & Functional)!


No shoe embodies the city life better than the iconic Cole Haan Lunargrands!  Hell, I’d go as far as to say that ain’t nothin’ more American than Lunargrands!  Well, maybe hot dogs?  But the Lunargrand Wingtips are the epitome of Dressy meets Sporty meets Casual.  Ya’ll know me fellas’ and I swear by my Lunars.  I decided to pull my navy blues for obvious reasons.  No socks, as if I ever wear any, and I’m rockin’ my regular navy laces (the Lunargrands come with 2 sets) because you don’t want to overdue it.  These will keep me Stylish no doubt, but definitely comfortable as I’m going to be on my feet all day!  All I have to worry about are people downtown stepping on my “BLUE SUEDE SHOES!?”  Huh?  Tough crowd.  $200


Rockin’ the Banana Republic (BR’) shorts again and with good reason.  They are in the red family, but not red red.  Closer to a maroon actually, but this is the point I want you to get fellas’.  You don’t have to rock Royal Blue & perfect Red just because it’s a holiday.  You end up really looking like Captain America!  LoL  No, you want to keep it grown & sexy so simply downplay the colors as if you woke up & just happen to throw it on.  It works both ways though because it’s just enough to say, “Hey, I’m celebrating too and I’m proud to be an American.”  Or get in free at the Frist… whatever, the point is don’t over do it.



Aaahhh, the V-Neck.  A fashion forward man’s best friend.  It can be used in so many ways!  Today it will simply be a needed color on the color wheel.  To me V-Necks are much more comfortable than Crews & since Jordan eliminated that nagging tag they’re damn near perfect!  They even make them in a Slim fit now!  Which are the ones I rock.  According to your style you can choose which works best for your body type, but please, Please, PLEASE fellas’… no DRESSES!




Here’s my lil’ secret: I always rock a wife beater’ under my T’ so that all the sweat gets trapped in the beater’ instead of the shirt.  Sweat spots are just not a good look!  I don’t care how hot it is!  Plus you can always take your T’ off if the moment calls for it!  That’s that FUNCTIONALITY that I preach about 😉 $20 (Pack of T’s & Tanks)




Time for the “EXCESSories!”  Just my army belt (doesn’t have to be blue, just has to have the proper theme) and my Kenneth Cole watch again!  Helps refine the look and make it less playful.


WELP!  I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the #JPSKILLZStyleTip and MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!!!  AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!

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