JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


YO YO!  What’s good fellas’!  You didn’t think I forgot about you did ya’!?  Of course not!  Well I’m feeling a bit claustr0phobic and if you are a fellow Creative then you know exactly what I mean.  It’s good to get out & get away from the home office for a bit’ to help cultivate some new creativity.  So I’m just going to hit a coffee shop for a bit, but that doesn’t mean you step out looking raggedy!



Going with the Free Runs today.  Mostly because of all the Free Run talk & creativity that’s been going on lately especially yesterday’s release of Cole Haan‘s new ZeroGrands!  These are light weight & will get the job done.  No socks!   $Free .99 (Thanks Coach!)



Then I’m sportin’ my Mossimo cargos from Target!  You know how comfortable their shirts are?  WELL JUST IMAGINE THAT COMFORT ON YOUR LEGS!  LoL  I love these britches!  LoL  Put a slight roll in the cuffs tho’.  Remember, “Skin is in” fellas.  The wrist & ankles are where this mainly applies to us.  You don’t want to roll too high or too low.  You want to find a nice middle ground.  You see how I rolled the left leg just a smidge higher than the right yet it changes the look completely?  $20


For my torso I’m going with my Converse T’!  Also from Target! C’mon, you know Target has everything.  LoL  This shirt is my favorite T’.  It just feels so amazing on the body!  Feel good, look good 😉 The grayish, white tone balances the kicks & pants.  $10




Finally you know we have to EXCESSories!  Rockin’ the rosary today.  Keep Calm… it’s just a piece of plastic.  The rosary takes a casual look and gives it a lil’ spice.  You have to know when and when not to use it.  And of course my daily driver, I may stop mentioning it because I wear it so often, my black, Kenneth Cole, all touch watch.


THAT’S IT!  “Go and love young man… go and love.”  #JPSKILLZStyleTip #BikeSelfieNashville

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