JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Today is a bit gloomy so let’s brighten it up a bit shall we?


Decided to go with my black, Lunargrand Boots just in case it rains. Comfort & Versatility at its finest! $200


The jeans are from Banana Republic’s “Black” collection! They’re actually a deep dyed jean with a almost leathery appearance. Love this because you can dress them up or down with ease. And yes, they’re a Skinny jean with a Straight bottom. Perfect for boots. Remember dark pants with dark shoes make you appear taller. $30 (sale)



If it ain’t Mossimo then it ain’t a t-shirt! This pop of color makes the outfit. Everything else becomes subtle. The EXCESSories add the necessary flare. My army belt, rosary, & watch. Once again, V-Neck vs. Crew according to your Personal Style. $15


Later fellas. Live above it. #JPSKILLZStyleTip

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