JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Today…we’re going back in time…today…we’re going BACK TO THE FUTURE!


Nothing says Past, Present, & Future like a pair of fresh Chucks‘! $10


The pants are the burgundy, brethren of my Levi, Denizen collection! Hey, what can I say, good jeans are good jeans. You saw the white & gray in previous posts. These are Skinny Jeans, but with a 33 inch waist. $30



And finally there’s the T’! 2 things to note here: 1. Every man should have a few, what I call, “Poster Board T’s.” You know, like the super ones you find at Target or vintage boutiques? Plus they give you a chance to share a bit of your personality. They’re just good for being relaxed yet still edgy. 2. When wearing a Poster Board T’ remember to downplay the shoes. You want the attention to go to the graphic. A lot like a…yep…POSTER. $12


Later McFly.

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