JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


I’m a boss I said, tip my hat and I cross my legs. LoL I don’t wear ties often, but when I do…


You know the drill. Fresh pair of Zerogrands. I use to rock certain fits with a tennis shoe that had a thick white sole, but that has been replaced with these! Same effect, more refined. Every man needs a black shoe with a white sole. $278


For the pants, one can’t go wrong with the Express Photographer pants. Never know when you may have a shoot fellas…if you know what I mean? $50




Then of course there is the shirt, tie, and vintage, leather, bomber jacket! The tie is M151, Macy’s, the shirt is an Oxford from Banana Republic, and the bomber is courtesy of my grandfather, Lord rest his soul. Thanks pops! He had plenty of Style just like me. As if you can’t tell. LoL Every man also needs a decent bomber. You can substitute your suit coat with it. Free-your-mind Neo. LoL I prefer to let the Tie hang loose and I never button my top button, Personal Style…remember? Tie $10 Oxford $30 Bomber $Priceless (Remember, Men’s fashion is about Character. The older the better.)


And finally don’t forget the EXCESSORIES! A nice clean belt and watch really complete the look. Now you’re ready for the office or to fight aliens, which ever comes first. Belt (Ross) $12 Watch (Kenneth Cole) $150


I’ll holla. #Fin.


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