JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’m sure many of you like me have embarked upon your own Pre-Thanksgiving Fast!  LoL  It’s a day to tie up a few loose ends and prepare yourself for the ensuing madness of Turkey & Sales.  LoL  Although I personally will not be taking part in them in Protest to Ferguson, but I digress.  This is about Fashion & Style so let’s cut the Turkey…sorry, my mind is in the future.  Today you just want to be casually comfortable.  You don’t want anything to extravagant so you reach for a combo that won’t garner much attention, but will demand attention at the same time.  Even the Off Day is an Art Form.




Thank you Cole Haan Zerogrand Chukkas.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I have a lot of shoes, but it is really difficult not to choose these right now.  The Form & Function is just so solid that it’s hard not to play them.  They are definitely my Franchise Players right now.  So light that you don’t know you have them on and so Stylish that everyone’s eyes are a constant reminder.  $278





I’m officially calling these my Work Loungers, because it really does feel like your at home all day when you’re rockin’ a fresh pair of Joggers!  These are my Navy ones from Banana Republic.  Love the details and materials.  You need some Navy Joggers in your Arsenal because they are the alternative to a pair of denim blue jeans.  Which is part of the secret to wearing them.  You have to imagine you’re rockin’ jeans with the exception of the noticeable rise in comfort. $40





I don’t really rock Crew Neck shirts/sweaters, but when I do…LoL  Crews’ add a little more warmth to the neck.  When you rock a Crew Neck sweater you want to be sure to rock a Crew Neck shirt.  Now this is a double standard, because you can rock a V-Neck Sweater with a Crew Neck shirt.  Heck you can do either one, but the latter looks better & makes more sense.  Also, the key to replacing your jeans with Joggers is to let the under garment hang out.  This plays to the laid back feel of the Joggers and looks better with Joggers which have a low crotch.  Materials have their own personalities and when you go against their personality it just doesn’t come out right.  I’ve rocked my tops both ways and this way just looks better.  #KanyeShrug  You just have to trust me.  You do trust me…don’t you?  Last but not least, pay attention the LOVINGLY sewn whole on my right shoulder.  I told you, Menswear is about CHARACTER.  I love this sweater (Express), mostly because of how good it feels, and I wasn’t going to let a few Gangsta Moths take it away from me.  That’s right…I said, “GANGSTA MOTHS!”  LoL  So I had my mom sew it up.  This is now officially a VINTAGE/ONEofaKIND garment!  PERSONAL STYLE gentleman…PERSONAL STYLE.  OH!  And it sits atop my favorite, most comfortable T’!  My Gray Converse T’! $20/$12




You know the drill!  Throw on the Tailored Top Coat (Express) and an effortless outfit becomes a well thought out plan!  It’s not as cold today, but it’s still cool.  Just like you will be if you listen to what I’m telling you.  LoL



The world is yours.  #Fin.

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