#JPSKILLZStyleTip: Cyber Monday Edition!


Happy Cyber Monday to those of you who are in to that type of thing.  Once again, personally I’m in protest because of the recent Ferguson trials, but this is an excellent time to take advantage of some of the deals that are available.  Although after Christmas will be an even better time, which brings me to my next point.  IT’S CHRISTmas TIME!  If not evident by the huge LIGHT TREE behind!  Christmas Loft Style baby!  LoL  You have my permission to steal, just give me credit…YOU’RE WELCOME!  Anywho, today will be kinda sorta warm with a little rain so no need to dress to heavy.  A little layering goes a long way.





No better shoe for Cyber Monday than the first shoe to feature its on OS System!  The GrandOS of this years game changer!  The Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtips!  An excellent base for this simple fit.  OH!  And FYI: My kicks have been WATERPROOFED!  A necessary investment for SUEDE shoes!  $278






Introducing my Slouchy Slim Fit Express Joggers!  These bad boys provide the Jogger’s style, but are better for potentially wet days like today and to give your effortless look a bit more refinement.  No belt do to the elastic waist and a nice snug fit around the ankles!  The perfect compliments to Wingtips & Chukkas!  Joggers are truly a God send for men if you ask me!  Replace those traditional Khakis with a pair of these and your in business!  Welcome to the future!  SIDE NOTE:  If you want the tailored look that I have then you’ll need to go a size below what’s comfortable.  They don’t make these in odd numbers (30, 32, etc.) so generally I rock a 31 if possible, but for these I sized down.  The 32s gave me a baggier look which is fine for someone a little more Hip-Hop than “Rock-Hop!”  LoL $70





There is a time and a place for everything and today is the time and place for my Merona Zip Cardigan from Target.  LoL  Not to hot and removable.  SIDE NOTE:  I never purchase PRE-MADE Layered Garments.  In other words, I do my own Layering.  Far more VERSATILE and VERSATILITY is key!  If I get hot I just remove a Layer.  Plus it just looks better.  Unzip it a little and you create a nice laid back effect.  $25











Last but certainly not least is my new Mossimo Blazer from Target!  This bad boy cost $60!!!  If rocked the right way (Pictured above) it can pass for a much more expensive version.  Full disclosure I’ve been wanting a Gray Blazer because it is a MUST HAVE staple for its VERSATILITY, but the one I wanted was out of my budget so this was the alternative and I must say, I am quite content.  It’s not a very warm Blazer, but if Layered correctly (Pictured above) it’ll do just fine.  I had to get  a small to achieve my desired look so it’s really a bit to tight through the chest, but a necessary sacrifice for the price.  I mean I can’t fold my hands on top of my head!  LoL But hey, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”  LoL  This bad boy is going to see a lot of play.


Okay.  I’m done.  Be great and remember, “Stay sexy my friends.”  LoL  #FIN.


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