JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Happy Monday fellas!  With one downside, I can’t find my freakin’ glasses!  SMH I think I left em’ at my parent’s house this weekend, but nevertheless the show must go on!  Today is a casual day because I will be participating in athletic activities, but hey, with my new found Style, every day is pretty much casual.



First we have my Hybrid Zerogrands of course.  From the boardroom to the gym, you’re set if you own any shoe from Cole Haan’s amazing new line! $278



Can’t get your casual on without a clean pair of Joggers.  My Banana Republic Joggers will do just fine.  Plus Joggers keep you warm when it’s cool.  $40 (Sale)




The Cardigan is a must have, but the Zip-Up Cardigan, is too!  My Merona ZU Cardigan will do.  Much easier to quickly layer a zipper than dealing with all the buttons & what not.  You also get the Heroic Collar.  $25



And finally, here’s where the magic happens.  Just add a Blazer, you know it’s gonna be my Mossimo Blazer, and the whole look, looks like you tried.  LoL  REMEMBER:  Just throw on some tailored outerwear over anything and it immediately snaps your Fit into shape! $70

IMG_00002759Alright fellas, try not to CHILL…to hard 😉  #Fin.