Tony Stark Tweets NEW Avengers Tease!


Nobody plays the crowd like Mr. Stark! Today he tweeted a new poster from the upcoming Sleekness that is the Avengers : Age of Ultron and accompanied it with 140 characters pointing towards a big surprise in 8 days! :


“Oh how I just love it when a plan comes together!” To bad I gave up Social Media for Lent 😦 I’ll have to trust my other comic sources to stay in the know. I’m gonna take his advice and get excited. You?

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

What’s going on brothas’!? Yes. I know it’s been a hit minute, but I’d rather it be hot than cold. LoL anyways, today it’s suppose to snow, I guess Old Man Winter hasn’t gotten over his cold yet SMH, so I decided to rock’ a look that I came up with during last week’s ice storm. Men’s Style has really adopted this Post World, layered, flowy look. I find the key to be varying the lengths of your tops to draw attention to the details of the mid-section like the details around the neck. What I did was cross my scarf so that it overlapped and then put it underneath my BR Shawl Cardigan. And BAM! A SUPER SLEEK LOOK! Add my Express Top Coat for that final layer of varying length and the rest is history. “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS – Cole Haan Lunargrand | $278 JOGGERS – American Stitch $40 | SCARF – Express $30 | CARDIGAN – Banana Republic $40 | TOP COAT – Express $278