N A S H V I L L E | F A S H I O N | W E E K : Day 4

If the words “BEAST KING GOLION” don’t mean anything to you…then you have NO IDEA what this hat is all about.  Trust me, these words are for TRUE Voltron fans only.  Now as for the fit, hey man, keep it simple.  It was a little cool out there that night and the event was outside.  Yes, I’m speaking in the past tense, because this was last night.  I told you I’ve been a bit out of it, what with the food poisoning and all, but anyway, a perfect night for a light denim, like this one.  And my Chukkas kept me toes nice and toasty!  The key is SIMPLICITY.  Like all art you want a good Focal Point.  My lid is the FP of this masterpiece.  Always keep the objective, which is your anchor, in mind.  It’s all about the Heroes this week!  Oh and SIDE NOTE:  When sporting a lot of denim, be sure to mismatch the top & bottom.  So choose either a dark top & light bottom or vice versa.  Or else risk looking like a JC Penney’s model from the 90s.  LoL  Alright, that’s it!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

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