I suppose you’re wondering what this image of 2 of, if not the greatest, big men to ever play the game has to do with a Comics & Fashion blog?  Well, I’ve just been informed by the JPSKILLZ staff (My WordPress Stats Page) that we have reached 95 FOLLOWERS!!!  I’m thinking I need to do something special for the 100th!  But I also don’t want to seem ungrateful to you 95 who have made it all possible, so, if you send me a favorite photo, I will convert you into a SUPERHERO and post it here on the blog for all to see!  And as for the 100th follower… well… I haven’t figured that out yet… but it’ll be RUDDY!  Also, for the next 5 followers I will commemorate them by posting a picture like this a and giving them a SHOUT OUT (See what I did there?… It’s CAPITAL type… I’m shouting… sheesh, tough crowd)!  Any who, SHOUT OUT to “BLOOKUP!”  My 95th follower!  You’ve got some beautiful landscape shots there my friend 😉

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