The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

My sister taught me to shop out of season.  Hell, she would get us stuff a year in advance!  LoL  But this is when you find the best deals, like these SUPER RUDDY, all white, Gold & Gravy sneakers!  $200 shoes, genuine leather, under $80!  You kiddin’ right?  NOPE!  LoL  Another no brainer!  These bad boys are comfortable too!  I haven’t bought anything outside of Cole Haans in I don’t know how long, but these broke the streak!  Heck, these replaced my display Golden State Iversons!  Now you know that’s RUDDY!   LoL  Alright, I feel like I’ve met my EXCLAMATION quota so I’ll say no more fam’.




I know I’m late, but I ran into one of these while out and about and I was flabbergasted… that’s right, FLABBERGASTED that my favorite Netflix cartoon had finally received the love it deserves!  Tell you what, since I’m so late, I’ll let you guys form the legs and arms, AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD!!!