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New Jacket & shoes for the infamous “STREET SUIT!”


FRESH SHODS | Pensole’s D’Wayne Edwards on diversity in design


You know my motto : “EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A SKETCH!”  Well this brotha’ definitely gets the picture!

While most designers attend art and design school, D’Wayne Edwards broke into the industry without ever stepping foot in a college classroom. His story starts in Inglewood, California with just a No. 2 pencil. Edwards turned his infatuation with drawing and later customizing his high school basketball team’s sneakers into a successful career in footwear design spanning more than 25 years, from holding a Footwear Design Director position at Jordan Brand to founding Pensole Design Academy. At 17 years old, he won a Reebok design competition, but was too young to be hired. A short two years later, he became the youngest professional footwear designer in the industry working for L.A. Gear. By age 23, he was the head of footwear design at L.A. Gear.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE!