Back To The PAST!!!

Decided to let all the hoopla of Wednesday pass by before I gave you my 2 cents.  Here is a recap of all the cool things that dropped on that day in order according to how I perceived them to be.  Enjoy 🙂


For me, this was the best moment!  It was just something about them being on that stage together that made me very nostalgic and you could just tell how much Doc’ really cherished that moment… I’m, I’m choking up… excuse me.


He should thank The Most High for allowing him to see this moment… I sure do.


To see this level of Innocence/Ignorance is both satisfying & disheartening.  LoL  But I think this brings it full circle.




I feel like a kid again!  The FRESHEST of all “Fresh Swagz!”  I just hope my bank account will be able to handle it when the time comes!  #FixItJesus!  LoL  The following was stolen from my friends over at Freshness Mag:

“Agenda Emerge is a forum for streetwear, surf, action sports, lifestyle and sneaker industry innovators and leaders to gather and give insights and advice about their respective businesses. Yesterday when Tinker Hatfield took the stage, the topic that caught everyone’s attention was the upcoming Nike Air Mag 2015 release. The sneaker, originally designed for Michael J. Fox’s character in Back to the Future II, is rumored to have the holy grail of all sneaker attributes: a self lacing system, aka Power Laces. In July of last year, Nike was finally awarded the patent for their automatic lacing system, paving the way for the 2015 release (the same year that Marty McFly first wore them). As for a release date, Tinker was quick to point out that there are still eleven and a two thirds months left in 2015.  You can check out a few of the design elements from the patent below, and view the full filing here.”



JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Today…we’re going back in time…today…we’re going BACK TO THE FUTURE!


Nothing says Past, Present, & Future like a pair of fresh Chucks‘! $10


The pants are the burgundy, brethren of my Levi, Denizen collection! Hey, what can I say, good jeans are good jeans. You saw the white & gray in previous posts. These are Skinny Jeans, but with a 33 inch waist. $30



And finally there’s the T’! 2 things to note here: 1. Every man should have a few, what I call, “Poster Board T’s.” You know, like the super ones you find at Target or vintage boutiques? Plus they give you a chance to share a bit of your personality. They’re just good for being relaxed yet still edgy. 2. When wearing a Poster Board T’ remember to downplay the shoes. You want the attention to go to the graphic. A lot like a…yep…POSTER. $12


Later McFly.