The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Cold out there today so I’m gonna layer up, but in a slightly different way.  For starters I’m rockin’ my Gray Zerogrands ($278)  Then I’m keeping it comfortable & warm with my Tweed, GAP Photographer pants ($40),  Next I’m rockin’ one of my favorite Shawl sweaters by Merona from Targhetto ($30)!  LoL  Now here’s where it gets tricky!  I’m adding another sweater to the mix in the form of my Cream, Banana Republic, Zip-UP, Shawl Cardigan ($40 SALE)!  Once again, the key is to think of your Cardigans as Blazers.  No need for a scarf today fellas.  Finally, top it all off with a nice, tailored Top Coat from Express ($278)!  Shades on “FLEEK!”  LoL  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”


JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

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Happy Monday people!  You didn’t forget about me did you!?  Good.  I hope everybody is having a great New Year!  I know I am!  My post are going to be a bit shorter from here on out because quite frankly I’ve become busier, which is a good thing, right?  Anyway, today I just wanted to be Warm, Presentable, & Comfortable.  I think I achieved that much.  LoL  Rockin’ my Zerogrands ($278) which are the epitome of comfort!  My Express Khaki Joggers ($40 Sale), my BR Oxford, my Roundtree & York Cardigan ($30 Sale), and my Mossimo Blazer from Target ($70)!  Top it all off with a nice tailored Top Coat (Express $278) and you’re ready for the World!  Excuse me while I kiss the sky!  LoL  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”