SO RUDDY : Ben Affleck Reveals the Villain in His Solo Batman Film

Earlier today, Ben Affleck took to Twitter to reveal raw and cryptic footage of a menacing supervillain, who comic-book fans quickly identified as Deathstroke, the character who made his debut in The New Teen Titans comic back in 1980. Since then, The Wrap has learned that Deathstroke will be the caped crusader’s primary foe in the standalone Batman film that Ben Affleck is directing. In DC Comics lore, Batman first encountered Deathstroke in the character’s eponymous comic book series back in 1991, in a storyline that saw the mercenary beating the vigilante to a pulp. We’ll see if Batman fares better in the film.

Source: Ben Affleck Reveals the Villain in His Solo Batman Film – Freshness Mag

BREAKING NEWS: DC Comics Must See Cinema!


Warner Broadcast has announced 10 count em’, 10 movies slated between now & 2020! Below is a screenshot of DC Comics’ IG post that I swindled!


It’s going to be an amazing 5 years! See you at the iMax!

Ben… Is… Batman?


I never thought I’d say this, but this new image of Benjamin, rocking the Bat Duds, is BAD A–SHUT YO MOUTH! I was only talkin’ bout Ben? I’m excited! I like the looks of this! Definitely paying homage to the gray suit and the Keaton Mobile. This should be good. But as with all things, we’ll see.