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I wish I could say that from the first moment I saw this WOMAN that I KNEW she was “THE ONE,” that I KNEW we were going to be together for the rest of our lives… but that would be a lie (Ex. 20:16 KJVA).  But I can say that I was ATTRACTED to her immediately!



attracted (past tense) · attracted (past participle)
  1. cause to come to a place or participate in a venture by offering something of interest, favorable conditions, or opportunities.

    “a campaign to attract more visitors to West Virginia” ·

    • evoke (a specified reaction).

      “I did not want to attract attention” ·

    • cause (someone) to have a liking for or interest in something.
      “I was attracted to the idea of working for a ballet company”

      synonyms: entice · allure · lure · tempt · charm · win over · woo · engage · enchant · entrance · mesmerize · hypnotize · spellbind · captivate · beguile ·

    • have a sexual or romantic interest in.
      “I am not attracted to him at all”

      synonyms: worship · adore · love · cherish · dote on · be enamored of · be infatuated with · be taken with · be attracted to · find attractive · idolize ·

    • exert a force on (an object) that is directed toward the source of the force.
      “the negatively charged ions attract particles of dust”
      synonyms: draw · pull · magnetize

You see the KEY to it all is that first word… “CAUSE.”  AHAYAH (I AM/The Lord/GOD of

Israel) says, “Man’s goings are of AHAYAH; how can a man then UNDERSTAND his own

way (Proverbs 20:24 KJVA)?”  To “KNOW” is to “UNDERSTAND.”  I didn’t KNOW, but

AHBA (FATHER/AHAYAH/I AM/The Lord/GOD of Israel) did!  AHBA said, “Before I

formed thee in the belly, I KNEW thee (Jeremiah 1:5 KJVA)!”  “And I will CAUSE you to

pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the COVENANT (Ezekiel 20:37

KJVA).”  You see the “rod” is HIS TORAH or what you probably refer to as “The LAW.”  But

there is NO WORD for “law” in Hebrew.  It’s “Torah” which means “INSTRUCTION,

GUIDANCE, TEACHING, & DISCIPLINE.”  And it wasn’t until I began to follow HIS

Torah  that I was able to find my WIFE!  AHBA said, “Pay no heed, therefore, my children

to the beauty of women, nor set your mind on their affairs; but walk in singleness of heart

in the FEAR of AHAYAH (Ecclesiastes 12:13), and expend labour on good WORKS (James

2:19-20), and on STUDY (2 Timothy 2:15) and on your flocks (Jeremiah 23:1-6), until

AHAYAH give you a WIFE, whom HE will, that ye SUFFER NOT

(Testament of RA’AHWABAN/REUBEN 4:1).” As I got to KNOW HIM I was then shown her

and as I got to KNOW her I quickly UNDERSTOOD who she was and why HE placed her

in my LIFE.  She is my HELP (Genesis 2:18 KJVA) and my REST (Ezekiel 34:15 KJVA)!  Her

physical beauty is only an added bonus (Proverbs 31:30 KJVA)! 😉


And as for that “COVENANT” spoken of earlier: it ultimately means MARRIAGE which is

indeed a COVENANT i.e. “A CHOICE!”  AHBA says, “Turn, O backsliding children, saith

AHAYAH; for I am MARRIED unto you (Jeremiah 3:14)!”  Well I turned and there she was!

😂  And I literally thank HIM everyday for her.  😶  And all that comes with her!  I also

inherited an Israelite Family Starter Pack!  🤣  LA’AH (No).  But seriously, I love our 2

beautiful daughters too (Psalm 127:3 KJVA).

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We, ISRAELITES, don’t do “dating or boyfriend” & “girlfriend (Deuteronomy 23:17


Which is indeed what this post is about… so without further adieu… “The PROPOSAL.”





The jpskillz style tip of the day!

8 ¶ The voice of my beloued! behold! hee commeth leaping vpon the mountaines, skipping vpon the hils.

9 My beloued is like a Roe, or a yong Hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh foorth at the windowe, shewing himselfe through the lattesse.

10 My beloued spake, and said vnto me, Rise vp, my Loue, my faire one, and come away.

11 For loe, the winter is past, the raine is ouer, and gone.

12 The flowers appeare on the earth, the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

13 The fig tree putteth foorth her greene figs, and the vines with the tender grape giue a good smell. Arise, my loue, my faire one, and come away.

Song of Solomon | S H A L A W A M

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

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JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

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The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

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