First image of Wifey has surfaced at SDCC! Gal Gadot is looking good in the WW garments. Definitely has a Xena feel, but I ain’t mad. I do wonder if Jim Lee’s pants would have been better? But it depends on the story I suppose? At any rate, I’m excited! What do you think?

Django Unscripted!

Picked up the 1st issue of the 5 part mini series Django Unchained today, via Vertigo Comics, in which Quentin Tarantino is giving us a fully untailored look at his hot script. Nope, there won’t be any movie editing for the comic. He’s “pulling out all he stops,” so to speak, which explains why he tapped, the G.O.A.T., Jim Lee, for the Variant Cover of issue #1. Check it out…the cover below and the comic if you get a chance. If the book is always better than the movie, then you can imagine what the comic must be like!


NEW Man of Steel Trailer!!!

Christmas has come early for ME!!! Today was one hell of a #NewComicWed!  I guess 12/12/12 really is special?  So what am I blabbering about?  1. DC Comic’s New 52 Justice League Superman acticon figure, designed by Jim Lee, was released today. Completing my collection!


2. A new Man of Steel trailer dropped!  So wait no further, check it out below…after all, “tis’ the season to be jolly!” 😉

Scott Snyder + Jim Lee = SUPERman!

It has been announced at New York Comic Con 2012 (NYCC) that my FAVORITE comic artist Jim Lee is going to collaborate with one of my favorite writers, Scott Snyder, to do a NEW Superman Comic in 2013!!!  No details yet, but I think that’s enough.  2013 is already looking GREAT!  The NEW 52 Superman Action Figure will be released, the movie…and now THIS!!!

Move Over Jay-Z & Beyonce!!!

DC Comics‘ “NEW 52” just keeps getting better and better!  Yesterday (#NewComicWed) Justice League #12 was released!  Written by Geoff Johns & Penciled by my ALL TIME FAVORITE Jim Lee!  It was a Historic issue, of which I bought 2 (one for Preservation & one for the road) because this is the first time Superman has a NEW Love Interest!  This moment does not sit well with some, but as for me & my house…I think it’s LONG over due.  I can remember as a child thinking, “Why aren’t Superman & Wonder Woman a Couple?”  I mean Lois is cool, but she’s too much Drama.  I’ve always Identified with Superman & his Relationship with Lois, because it’s how I feel when trying to find Compatibility with women.  A Wonder Woman is Rare.  But THIS…THIS is the Ultimate “Power Couple!”