The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Wednesday has arrived and by now you’re either making moves or making excuses.  For me it’s the former and I love semi-warm days like this to make them!  Only in Nashville baby!  So I don’t need much to keep me warm.  I’m rockin’ my Sequoia Suede, Cole Haan Zerogrand Chukkas ($278), my Black, En Noir Moto Skinny Jeans from The GAP ($40 SALE), my Black, American Apparel Henley ($30), my favorite Vintage Button-Up ($FREE.99), My Dark Gray, Mossimo Blazer from Target ($70), and my Green, Merona Vest ($30)!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Today I have a few errands to run and then a lot of prep work for JPSKILLZ 2015!  So I’m definitely Sporty and I’m showing you the best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on the planet!  Because these are what I rock throughout my day!  From the office to the gym to the crib!  “TO THE WINDOOOOOOOOOW TO THE WALL!!!”  LOL  No?  Okay.  Let’s get started.

IMG_00002990 IMG_20141230_154030

You know it all starts with the shoes.  You know it’s gotta’ be Zerogrands for now.  LoL  Rockin’ my American Apparel thermal underneath to create a nice, warm base layer!  It also gives the Button Up a less refined look.  Very Manish.  (Z $278) (T $30)

IMG_00002988 IMG_00002985 IMG_00002983 IMG_00002982

And next I threw on my American Stitch Joggers from Saks 5th Ave.  Perfect for JOGGIN’ around town!  See what I did there?  LoL  $40 Sale





“Yea Joe, that’s cool, but what about the Button Up?”  Well I’m glad you asked!  This is my Slim Fit, Banana Republic Button Up!  Black buttons on a Black Button Up are a must!  $20 Sale

IMG_20141230_153243 IMG_20141230_153232

“Yeah, but JOE!  What are you listening to!?”  Well, I won’t tell you what I’m listening to, but I will tell you what I’m listening with…MY EARS!  LoL  No.  These are my new, Wireless, Jay Bird Bluebuds X Headphones!  Just check out the site, they’re everything and MORE! Thes bad boys get my FULL endorsement!  YO JAY BIRD!  HOLLA’ ATCHA’ BOY!!!  $130 Sale






Not rockin’ any of my Shawl sweaters today so I’m using my scarf to keep my esophacus…esofucus…esoff…MY THROAT, warm.  Throw the Blazer over the top & you create a nice little piece of much needed refinement to an otherwise laid back Fit.  You know my Mossimo Blazer from Target well by now.  $70








“FINISH HIM!”  Yo hand me that tailored, Express Top Coat would ya’!  BAM!  DONE!  REMEMBER: I nice tailored piece of outerwear goes a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way.  $278



SEE ya’ll later.  #Fin.