Introducing The NEWEST Member of The X-MEN!?


At a time when the World seems to be at its darkest point, things seem to be understandably bleek… but it is “Darkest just before the Dawn.”  The true Power of THIS WORLD is revealing himself and only those who understand his deception will be able to STAND!  The X-Men are worthy adversaries, but are they enough?  Enter Joseph Peterson AKA “LOVE.”  Most of you have never heard of him, but most of you have never heard of the POWER that he serves.  It’s time… yes… it is time… with no further ado… coming May 27th, to X-Men Apocalypse… I give you… NIGHT VISION!!!  #InterlacedRealityComics #JoinTheXmen



NEW X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer!

“HOLY S#*T MAN (Boondocks)!” The freaking trailer makes you feel like you’ve been to the movies! Don’t me? Just watch.


So Bat In The Sun Studio has been on an incredible run as far as Superhero shorts go with there “Super Power Beat Downs!”  For those of us, TRUE comics enthusiast who just can’t stand the continuity gaps & “making it more believable” stuff in today’s superhero movie influx, it’s just SUPER!  Check out their latest edition!

Marvel Heroes for Download!


Today the highly anticipated Marvel Heroes free-to-play MMO action RPG by David Brevik was released!  Now I’m not a “Heavy Gamer” by any means.  In fact the best word to describe my Gaming would probably be Casual, but when I do… I choose Comics & Basketball.  LoL  In the words of the great Lavar Burton, “Don’t take my word for it.”  Go check it out for yourself!